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• Ginger 2 inch
• Green chillies 3-4 nos.
• Jeera (cumin seeds) 1 tbsp
• Saunf (fennel seeds) 1 tbsp
• Sukha dhaniya (coriander seeds) 1 tbsp
• Boiled potatoes 9-10 medium size
• Ghee 1 tbsp
• Green peas 1/3rd cup (boiled)
• Salt & black pepper to taste
• Chaat masala 1 tsp
• Kasuri methi ½ tsp
• Fresh coriander 3 tbsp (chopped)
• Oil for frying

• 100 g maida / whole wheat flour (or combination of both )
• 1/2tsp ajwan (carrom seeds)
• 80 g cold butter (cut into cubes)
• 1-2 tbsp chilled water
• 1/2 tsp salt
• Samosa filling (or any dry filling)
• Fab Vanilla essence

• For filling, we need to make the ginger & green chilli paste, for that, add green chillies & ginger in grinding jar and grind into a fine paste, keep the paste aside to be used later in making the filling.
• Further, take a mortar & pestle, add jeera, saunf, & sukha dhaniya and grind to a coarse powder, you can also grind the spices in a mixer grinder, keep the powder aside to be used later in making the filling.
• Cut the boiled potatoes in quarters and further slice them, keep aside for making filling.
• Set a pan or a wok on low heat, add ghee, further add the grounded spices & briefly cook on low heat for 30-40 seconds, now add the ginger chilli paste, stir & cook for 1-2 minutes on low flame, further add the boiled potatoes, green peas, salt & pepper to taste, chaat masala, kasuri methi and freshly chopped coriander leaves, stir well to mix the potatoes and the masala well.
• Increase the flame to medium high & cook the potatoes for 6-7 minutes, it should get some colour while cooking, mash the potatoes lightly while keeping few chunks intact. Further transfer the mixture in a bowl and allow it to cool down to room temperature.
• The Samosa filling is ready !

• Take maida, ajwan, salt and butter in a bowl.
• Add the butter cubes and coat them with thef lour by rubbing between your fingers until you get a sandy or a bread crumb like texture. This process is known as Sablage.
• Add in the chilled water spoon by spoon and Fab Vanilla essence.
Add only the amount required to bring the
dough together. Do not overknead the dough.
• Now divide the dough in 2 parts, flatten them, cling wrap and refrigerate for 1 hour.
• Remove the dough from the refrigerator after 1hour and start rolling. Roll on a parchment paper, silicon mat or lightly dust your working surface with some flour and roll them to about 3mm thickness.
• Once you have rolled the Galette, transfer it to the lined baking tray.
• Leave about 1 to 1.5 inches space from the border, spread the Samosa filling in the center and seal the edges.
• Garnish with Coriander (optional).
• Samosa Galette is ready !!


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