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We Create Flavours That Linger!

We can trace our history back to the Year 1919 when our trading house Sher-I Punjab Trading company was started in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. After partition the company was re-established in Delhi in the year 1950. For 30 years we sold Flavours and other food additives of various multinational and national companies like Bush Boake Allen (now IFF), L&T, Roha Dye Chem etc. We started our manufacturing operations in the year 1965 under the brand name of RED CLUB (RC) making soft drink concentrates and beverage emulsions. We are still one of the leading manufacturers of beverage flavours in India.

The success of our flavours in the beverage segment encouraged us to enter other segments like biscuits, confectionary, dairy etc so we started Fab Flavours & Fragrance P. Ltd in the year 1993. Since then we have been supplying flavours both Water Soluble and Oil Soluble (and Encapsulated Powder Flavours recently added) to various national and multinational companies within India and Internationally.We are now supplying flavours to Distilleries, Pharma, Biscuits and Confectionaries, Ice Cream and Snack Food Industries.

Our foray into the retail segment started with our chocolatier and baker friends asking us for some Oil Soluble Flavours as they were not readily and easily available in the market and since we already had them in our bulk production, we started giving them out in small bottles. Slowly we realized that there were more people than just our friends who wanted those flavours for the kind of quality and variety they were of. Seeing the demand increasing many folds we decided to launch our Regular range of Oil Soluble Flavours in retail packaging in the year 2010. In 2016 we launched our Premium range of Oil Soluble flavours. Since we have been involved in industrial supplies only, venturing into retailing was a completely new arena. We were extremely overwhelmed with the positive and supportive response we got from the home bakers, chocolatiers and even from upmarket bakeries wanting to stand apart from the regular ones. In the year 2017 we launched our new product Evaporex, This is a non alcoholic substitute for hand painting and airbrushing with edible colors and luster dusts on various mediums like fondant,cream,buttercream,chocolates and In 2018, keeping pace with the increasing awareness and demand for natural and organic products, we launched our Natural Extract Range and Natural Flavor Range.

These products are 100% Natural. We have these in Oil Soluble form keeping in mind our retail customers preference and their ease of use specially in chocolates along with other baked and non-baked goods where flavors are used.

We are an ISO 22000-2005 certified and FSSAI licensed company. All our products are Halal Compliant and Non-Alcoholic.

Meet Our Founders

Gurnish Singh


Hema Chhabra



Our vision is to spread awareness and set high standards of product quality. We aim to broaden our spectrum by delving into various kinds of flavours including, not only water soluble and oil soluble but also 100% natural flavours and 100% natural extracts.
We are determined to increase our position in the global industrial market as well as become a dependable household name for our retail customers.


Our mission is to add value and be a reliable partner to industries as well as our retail customers. Our flavourists carry out rigorous research and development to give you unparalleled quality of flavours in every bottle.


We at Fab Flavours hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to values and principles. We invest the utmost care to provide great quality products and prompt personalized customer service.
We adhere to all necessary practices of food safety and are committed to providing only the finest products to our patrons.

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