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Thnx a ton HemaChhabra, FAB family n fab flavours..Two things drove me to participate here . Special thanx to Fab Flavour for bringing out so many treasures to explore ...my countless bakes and treats are incomplete without a drop of it . So 1st one is Premium Rasmalai flavour, and the second most near to my heart is my MOM .Though missing her physical presence , feel every time that she smiles when my food, my cakes, my sweets, desserts n every thing are perfectly done ..So in her Loving memory just want to share her most favourite very special Rajwadi Rasmalai Recipe .

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1 ltr cow milk
1/2ltr full fat milk (for rasmalai milk )
1/4 cup water
1/4 tsp citric acid or 1/2 tsp vinegar or 1/2 tea spoon lemon juice (any one)
1 and 1/2cup sugar
Fab Premium Rasmalai flavour.
6 cups of water
Ice cold water 1/2cup
2 tbsp sugar for rasmalai milk
Saffron strends
Cardamom powder
Pistachio /Almond flakes
Rose petals for garnish

Heat the cow milk
Keep ready mixture of lemon juice and water
When milk completely boil slow the flame and add water mixture 1 -1 spoon gradually till paneer and light green water (dont put that water after paneer separate)
Place thin cloth on the strainer and empty the paneer mixture
Place strainer under running water till paneer became completely cool(around 1 min)
Rinse the water from paneer and hang the cloth for atleast one hour
Take the paneer in a big thali and start kneading for atleast 5 min
Put 1/4 tsp sugar whole regular in the paneer and make aprox 20 ball without cracking .
Mix the sugar and water in a big vessel and start boiling (2 min more cook after first boil )
After 2 min of first boiling water pult all the balls one by one in the boiling water(flame must be high)
Cover the lid and cook for 10 min on high flame (lid should be proper cover the vessel)
After exact 10 min remove the lid
Turn off the flame and put 1/2 cup cold fridge water in it and leave it for 2/3 hours after cooling down completely .
For Rasmalai you can make round ball like rasgulla/or flat discs , follow same process.
And in half ltr. Whole milk
(Boiled till a nice colour n little thick with added saffron ,cardamom, sugar , pista n almond flakes )
You can add 6-7 Rasgulla balles /Discs (after cooling and little pressed drop in ready rasmalai milk )
Secret ingredient of this fabulous recipe is FAB PREMIUM RASMALAI .Adding 2-3 drops will take your sweet to next level for sure. The same Rasmalai I use in my Rasmalai cakes. N some milk to moisten the cake .
Thnx .


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