Jamun yogurt Pannacotta with chia seeds



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Baking/Cooking Time

20 mnts

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Short Recipe Description

Summer cooler , sugarfree

Additional Categories

Eggless,Gluten Free,Healthy Sugar,Sugarfree,Contains Nuts & Seeds

Yogurt, jamun , agar agar, honey, chia seeds , basil seeds, honey , water, watermelon seeds , almond flakes

Category- Dessert ( yogurt base)

"Jamun yogurt Pannacotta with chia seeds"

An excellent dessert which is sugar free , good for people having diabetes , antioxidant and full of bursting flavours- Jamun ( Indian blackberry )

Yogurt - 200 ml ( thick with no water , you can take epigamia or hung curd )
Chia seeds - 1 tbsp
Basil seeds - 1 tsp
Melon seeds - 1 tsp
Sunflower seeds - 1 tsp
Jamun - 350 gms ( desseded and puréed)
Honey - 100 gms
Agar agar - 5 gms
Fab flavours - lemon essence , a few drops
Flaked almonds - 50 gms , roasted
Water - 50 gms

Step 1
Soak agar agar in water and let it bloom for 5 mnts
Step 2
Heat the water in low flame and let it boil , keep stirring while the water comes to a rolling boil . Switch off the heat .
Step 3
Let the water come down to room temperature. Once cool add honey to it and stir well
Step 4
In the mean time , whisk the yogurt well and add the chia and basil seeds to it .
Step 4
Add the honey mix to the tougher and give it a good whisk
Step 5
Pit, deseed and purée the jamun fruit . No water to be added while making the purée
We need a thick purée
Step 6
Mix the purée to the yogurt mix and blend it well with a blender so that the jamun fruit incorporates well into the yogurt and we get a beautiful colour to our dessert . Here add the fabulous lemon flavour from Fab Flavours & Fragrances P. Ltd to give your dessert the touch of tantilising freshness. Jamun and lemon go very well together .
Step 7
Roast the sunflower seeds , melon seeds and almond flakes seperately.
Step 8
Take your ramekins, slightly grease the sides and sprinkle roasted seeds on the wall of your ramekins.
Pour the jamun yogurt mix into the ramekins and let your dessert set in the refrigerator for 7-8 hours
Step 8
For demoulding , dip the ramekins in hot water and unmould your dessert .
Serve with drizzled honey and roasted almonds .
Hope you all like it !
We loved it at our place .. enjoy the dessert guiltfree and Beat the heat !!


Place the delicate pannacotta over a plate with sone flakes almonds and a drizzle of honey

Baker Tips/Notes

Too much of agar agar can spoil the taste of pannacotta, pls be patient and give enough time to your dessert to set

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