Guava Chilli Entremet



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60 mins plus overnight chilling time

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Entremet - a dessert with multiple textures, doing happy dance in your mouth as a flavour bomb 😊
Presenting Guava Chilli Entremet which will give you a range of flavour - kuch metha, kuch theekha with softness of mousse and a crunchy bite from the bottom layer.

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For Guava Mousse :
Guava - 1 (peeled and deseeded)
Milk - 1.5 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Milk powder - 1/4 cup
Fresh cream - 1/4 cup
White Chocolate - 1/3 cup
Corn flour - 1/3 cup
Fab Guava flavour - few drops
Baby Pink color - few drops (optional)

For Red Chilli Jam :
Red Chilli Jam:
Fresh Small Red Chilli - 10
Sugar - 1/2 cup (120 ml cup)
Vinegar - 1/4 cup (60 ml cup)

For Crunchy Chocolate Disc :
Dark chocolate - 150 gm
Cornflakes - handful

For red glaze :
White chocolate - 1/2 cup
Fresh cream - 1/4 cup
Neutral Glaze - 1/4 cup
Red food color - few drops

Golden dust and Fondant flowers for decoration

For Guava Mousse :
1. Chop peeled and deseeded guava into small pieces.
2. Add into a blender jar along with milk and make a smooth paste.
3. Strain the mix and discard the solid particles.
4. Put the guava mix in a pan and add all the ingredients, except chocolate, color and guava flavour.
5. Once the mixture comes to a boil, add white chocolate and mix properly till chocolate melts.
6. Turn off the heat and add fab guava flavour along with food color(if using).

For Red Chilli Jam:
1. Wash red chillies and remove the stem.
Roughly chop the chillies.
2. Add the chopped chillies in grinder and grind coarsely.
3. Mix sugar and vinegar in a pan and bring it to a boil.Boil for 1 minute.
4. Add coarsely ground chilli and mix properly.
5. Cook for 3-4 mins and remove from heat.
Cool completely.

For Crunchy Chocolate Disc :
1. Melt dark chocolate over double boiler or in microwave at 30 sec bursts.
2. Once the melted chocolate cools a bit, add crushed cornflakes and mix properly.
3. Spread the chocolate mixture over a parchment paper evenly and cut out discs, as per your entremet mould size. Let it set properly.

For red glaze :
1. Melt white chocolate with fresh cream over a double boiler or microwave.
2. Once melted properly,strain it through Sieve and let it sit for few seconds and then mix neutral gel properly.
3. Add food color once its cooled.


1. Take any mould in which you want to set your entremet and fill that mould with some guava mousse.
2. Spread the guava mousse evenly on the sides of mould. Put an even layering.
3. Pipe small amount of red chilli jam over the mousse layer.
4. Fill the mould almost to the top with mousse layer again and spread it out evenly. Leave a little gap to put the chocolate Disc.
5. Press the set crunchy chocolate disc over the final mousse layer. Push it gently so that there will not be any air trapped inside.
6. Even out the mousse over the chocolate Disc and allow it to set overnight in the freezer.
7. Next day, when it's completely frozen, take it out on a wire rack and pour the glaze, starting from the sides and moving towards the centre.
8. Allow the glaze to drip and set for some time and then decorate it with some gold dust and fondant flowers. Keep it refrigerated.

Enjoy the burst of flavours with different textures on a hot summer afternoon.

Baker Tips/Notes

Keep the entremet frozen and glaze it around 2-3 hours before serving. Post glazing, keep it refrigerated.

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