Cream Cheese Corn Soup with Popcorns



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30 min

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30 min

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1- Fab Premium Oil Soluble Cream Cheese Flavour - (4 drops)
2- bowl frozen sweet corn - 1
3- small sized onion - 1
4- cloves of garlic - 5-6
5- Few basil leaves -
6- Amul butter - 1 tbsp
7- Assorted Cheeses of your choice - (4 to 5 small chunks)
8- Olive oil - 1 tbsp
9- Salt, Pepper, Oregano to Taste -
10- Popcorns as accompaniment -
11- Vegetable stock - 250 ml
12- Milk - 50 ml

1- Take a heavy bottom pan and add butter and oil in it and let it heat on low flame.
2- Do not heat too much.
3- Throw in garlic and let it sweat.
4- Next add onions and as they turn translucent add corn and stir for a while.
5- Cover the pan for two minutes.
6- Now open it and add salt, pepper and oregano.
7- Turn off the flame.
8- Let this cool for a while then blend into a fine purée consistently adding milk to it, can also add some stock for fine blending.
9- Sieve this mixture in the pan making sure the roughage of corn gets strained and bring this mixture to a boil on medium high flame.
10- Add more stock until you are happy with the consistency of the soup.
11- Check the salt.
12- Turn off the flame.
13- Add Fab Premium Oil Soluble Cream Cheese Flavour very few drops and keep checking till you are happy with the cheesy flavour and stir nicely.
14- Serve this soup hot garnished with extra virgin olive oil, assorted cheese chunks and basil leaves..


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Ritu Nanda

Nasik India

Contest: Beat the Heat

Tickling Taste Buds by Ritu Nanda

I am Ritu Nanda..a baking enthusiast and entrepreneur at Tickling Taste Buds by Ritu Nanda...a cozy little home bakery. My baking journey has been really interesting as I never thought I would become a Homebaker when I started. I had always been a passionate cook and cooking fancy food of different cuisines has always taken to my fancy. It was always a great pleasure for me to cook lip smacking dishes for my family and friends for over the past couple of years from now. Gradually, when I realised that I should work upon specialising my skills, I found that I couldn’t take my eyes off the beautiful cakes and desserts created by some immensely talented ladies around me. That’s when I got into Baking Cakes. Truly said There’s no shortcut to success, one has to take the stairs. So I started practising the art of baking..I am where I am because of endless hours of hard work, passion, patience and love for baking. I am blessed to have a great family support and hence there has been no looking back since then. The journey till now has been an exciting one with a mix of a wide variety of cakes and bakes that I do now. I make Cream cakes and Fondant too with sugar flowers which I absolutely love making. I make cakes for every occasion and also take orders for Hampers consisting of freshly baked goodies. A very important part of my baking experience is the use of different flavours by Fab Flavours Pvt. Ltd. They definitely take my cakes and bakes to another level, be it sweet or savoury, they have a flavour in stock for every flavour you think of. I feel blessed to be chosen as one amongst many extremely talented baker friends to share my recipes using Fab Flavours. Thank you so much Hema Chhabra and Gurnish Chhabra for giving me this great opportunity and I absolutely loved doing every bit of it. I am super excited to share three of my favourite recipes here

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