Cranberry Nut, Gluten Free Energy Bars



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Chill for a few hours

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Peanut butter - little less than half a cup
Honey - a little less than half a cup
Roasted nuts & seeds (as per preference) - half cup + 1/4th cup
Dried fruit - 1/2 cup
Gluten free cereal - 2 cups (rice krispies or corn flakes, as per choice)
Salt one pinch -
Fab Premium Oil Soluble Cranberry Flavour - 1/2 tsp
Chocolate (melted) - 30 gms

- Line a small baking tray or 9 inch square mould with parchment paper.
- In a processor, pulse the nuts and fruits till they are a coarse powder.
- Ensure that the nuts don't release their oil.
- In a heavy bottomed saucepan, over a medium flame, melt the butter and honey.
- Stir and prevent burning it.
- When the mixture bubbles and is a smooth paste that has emulsified, remover from the heat.
- This doesn't take long.
- Add the salt and flavour.
- Stir in nuts, fruits and cereal.
- Lastly add the chocolate and stir to coat everything equally.
- Working quickly, spread the mixture on the prepared tray evenly.
- Place another parchment paper on top and flatten and compress together using a rolling pin.
- Chill for a few hours and cut as desired..


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Raehet Kaur

Chandigarh India


Rae's bakes

The brand Rae’s bakes is the vision and hard work of a first generation business woman. Although there are many peaks yet to climb, it has been a long and arduous journey with many wins and just as many learning opportunities. The learning curve has been a steep one. I Started off my career with the normal 9 to 5. Realization dawned soon enough that this was not meant for me. The journey for Rae's started in 2007, when I quit my corporate job and armed with my bba, started training with the (five star) bakery @ Hotel Crowne Plaza, New friends colony, New Delhi. That was followed by an intense training period at a high end patisserie/ confectionery in Noida, called Theo’s where chef Gaurav Wadhwa was kind enough to take me under his wing. Now I set out to be a ‘patisserie’ entrepreneur. Returning to my roots was a given. Chandigarh. Rae's was inaugurated (with the unwavering support of my mom) on 3rd Nov'2009 @ the HPCL petrol pump in sector 22 chandigarh. It was a unique concept, offering motorists the chance to 'tank up on treats' and our quality was immensely appreciated by all our clients. From breads to cakes to chocolates....we’ve had our fair share of media coverage and appreciation. Now the journey continues, as I have turned it into a home based bakery business to allow me flexibility in my work hours as my family life has expanded. Rae’s Bakes is a home based bakery, that works on orders and supplies and caters to any customer’s need for desserts, breads, savouries, cakes- simple and celebration, cookies and chocolates and recently, baking classes.

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