Cinnamon Rolls With Apple glaze



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Baking/Cooking Time

45 min plus proofing time till dough doubles in size plus second proofing 20 minutes

Baking Temp

180°C for 25-30 mins

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Instant dry yeast - 1tsp
Milk - ½ cup
Honey - 1tsp
Whole wheat flour - 1 ½ cups
Gluten powder - 2 tsp (optional)
Salt - ½ tsp
Olive oil - 3-4 tbsp
Cinnamon Powder - 1-2 tbsp
Brown sugar - ¼ cup (or less depending upon your taste)
Fab Premium Oil Soluble Cinnamon Ceylon Flavour - 3-4 drops

2: Apple Glaze

Homemade Apple Juice - 2 cups
Sugar - 2tbsp
Butter - ½ tsp
Fab Premium Oil Soluble Apple Kinnaur Flavour - 4 drops

- Take the Whole Wheat Flour, dry yeast and add the gluten powder to it.
- Sift them and its ready to use.
- Add these into the bowl of the stand mixer.
- Use the dough hook.
- Take the milk (warm) and add honey and oil to it.
- Keep aside.
- Start your mixer at lowest speed to mix all the dry ingredients.
- Now gently add wet ingredients to the dry and keep aside.
- Knead it on slow until all the ingredients mix well and form loose dough.
- Once done, increase the speed and beat until smooth dough is formed.
- You can add a tablespoon of milk at a time if the dough is too dry.
- Add a tablespoon of flour at a time in case the dough is too wet (don't add too much) Do the window pane test with the dough.
- If you have achieved the stretchy thin pane, place the dough in a greased bowl and in a warm place.
- Let the dough rise to double in size.
- Once doubled, gently place the dough on a platform dusted with flour.
- Punch out the air.
- Roll in the shape of a square.
- Take about ¼ cup of brown sugar / palm sugar/ Powdered Jaggery and 1 Tbsp of Cinnamon powder.
- Add 3-4 drops of Fab Premium Oil Soluble Cinnamon Ceylon Flavour Spread it evenly on the rolled square dough.
- Start from one end and start rolling the dough to make a log (roll as you would a yoga mat ;) easier to explain with an example) Cut the log into equal pieces and place them spaced out in a greased pan.
- Let it rest for 20 mins.
- Brush the rolls with milk.
- Place the rolls in a preheated oven at 180°C , for 25-30 mins until the top browns..

2: Apple Glaze

- Take homemade Apple juice in a pan.
- Add sugar and bring it to a boil on medium flame.
- Let it reduce to ¼ of its original quantity.
- Get it off the heat.
- Add butter and Fab Premium Oil Soluble Apple Kinnaur Flavour .
- Mix it until incorporated.
- Use this as a dip or pour it over the rolls in the pan and let it soak.
- One can use apple juice from the market.
- In that case avoid sugar.
- If you like a tangy flavour, use green apples instead.


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