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Ingredients for Churma:-
1/2-Cup Wheat flour
1-tbsp Ghee
1-tbsp Ghee
Pinch salt
1-tbsp jaggery
1-tbsp chopped & roasted Almond, Cashew & Wallnut
Water as needed
Ingredients for Orange Compote :-
1-Orange's Pulp
1-tbsp sugar
1/4-tsp lemon juice
3-drops fab orange essence
Ingredients for orange sauce:-
1-Orange's Juice
1-tbsp sugar
1-tsp vanilla custard powder
2-drops fab Orange essence
Ingredients for cheese layer:-
1/2-Cup hung curd
1/2-grated cottage cheese
1-Orange's Compote
100-gm white chocolate compound melted
Few drops of Orange Sauce
Few Dryfruits & Orange slices, edible golden & white pearls for garnishing
Preparation Time-20-mins.
Cooking Time-25-Mins.
Setting Time-5-6 hrs.

Take bowl and knead a tight dough with ghee Pinch salt and very little water as needed. Give 10-mins. rest.
Meanwhile heat a pan add orane pulp and cook till moisture evaporates add sugar and cook till thickens add lemon juice mix well. Cool & add 3-drops fab orange essence Mix well and keep aside.
Similarly heat a pan add orange juice and sugar cook stirring continuously mix 1-tsp vanilla custard powder in cool orange juice mix well and in boing juice syrup mix well stirring continuously. Off the flame when shoes sauce consistency. Cool and add 2-drops of fab orange essence Mix well and kerp aside.
Make a roll from the dough and roll it thick and roast both the sides on tava with very slow flame cool and make pieces add roasted dryfruits, cardamom, chopped jaggery and grind in mixer grinder.
Transfer in a bowl add 1-tbsp melted ghee mix well and set in a cylindrical ring mould pressing perfectly. Keep it in the fridge to set.
Now grind hung curd, grated cottage cheese and orange compote in mixer grinder transfer in a bowl add melted white chocolate compound (Melt chopped white chocolate compound by double bath process) and mix well. Remove mould form the fridge arrange orange pieces and pour onit spread properly and tap it on top put drops of orange sauce & with toothpick sprread to get marble effect. Keep it in the fridge to set.
After 5 hrs unmould yummy, Healthy loaded with orange fruit & dryfruits Chuma Cheese Cake in a serving plate garnishing with Orange slices, Dryfruits and golden white pearls.


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