Blue ocean slush

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    5 minutes sugar syrup 5 minutes lemon grass concoction 10 minutes to whip cream 5 minutes to blend
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    No baking, chill in fridge
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    Notes 1 : Instead of whipping cream vanilla ice cream can be used. 2 : Can use any juice in place of orange juice. 3 : Similarly lemon grass can be replaced with herbs like mint, basil etc.
About Recipe

Leisure summer afternoon were like playing cards and munching in childhood. Sometimes we would get lucky enough that Mom would pound some ice put in sherbat , whichever available and would make us 'Golas'. So my take over mom made gola is Slush , icy frozen drink.And a drop of fab lemon grass premium os gives it next level freshness.


30 ml citrus blue syrup
30 ml whipping cream
20 ml sugar syrup
20 ml lemon grass syrup
20 ml orange juice
2 t sp lemon juice
1/2 t sp fab lemon grass ess.
300 gm ice 
  • Sugar syrup
  • Dissolve 1 tb sp sugar in 15 ml of water.
  • Lemon grass syrup
  • In 20 ml water add 1 tb sp of lemon grass. Boil and let it cool
  • Pound ice cubes in a clean cloth. keep in freezer
  • Whip the whipping cream to soft peak.
  • Mix everything and blitz in mixie.
  • Add ice and blitz again till ice is well blended

Pour in a glass of your choice . Garnish with a slice of lemon Enjoy and beat the heat

About Baker
Shilpa Parikh

Mumbai India


Contest: Memories with Mom

There was always a passionate baker inside an engineer. But my baking , engineering and other hobbies were on hold while raising two beautiful daughters. But the urge for baking grew with growing kids. Initially I took few workshops with home Bakers. I ventured into world of baking with my brain child SWEET SERENITY. I pursued a training course in Bakery and Pattesier at IHM Mumbai. I won a silver medal for cupcakes decorations at ‘Bakery Business 2017’. Learning,Baking , Enjoying. And I m looking forward for intense training in wedding cakes and entremets