Alphonso Mango Falooda

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    30-40 min
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    The milk should be monitored while boiling.It should be stirred so as not to form layer on top.The vermicelli should not be overcooked.
About Recipe

Alphonso Mango Falooda is a refreshing beverage ,a sure hit in any summer party.It is easy to prepare and is filled to the brim with the goodness of mangoes, pistachios and basil seeds.

Alphonso Mango Falooda
Ingredients :
1 ltr - Milk
2 Medium sized - Mangoes (Alphonso)
100 gm - Vermicelli (roasted thin)
2 Tbsp - Basil seeds
4 Tbsp - Milk powder
2-3 Drops - Yellow gel colour
2 Tbsp - Pistachio (chopped)
1 Cup - Whipped cream (for garnishing)
2-3 Drops - FAB Oil Soluble Mango Essence

  • 1.Chop the mangoes.
  • 2.keep aside 1/2cup and puree the rest
  • 3.Soak the basil seeds in water till it doubles in volume.
  • 4.Boil the vermicelli in water, strain and keep aside.
  • 5. Mix the milk powder with 2-3tbsp of ┬ámilk and keep aside
  • 6.Boil the milk, till it reduces to a 3/4 of its quantity.
  • 7. Add the milk powder solution and the vermicelli, boil for another 10-15 mins, and then remove from flame.
  • 8. Once cooled, add half the quantity of the basil seeds, mango puree, yellow food colouring and FAB mango essence.
  • 9. Take a tall glass, put some chopped mangoes, a spoonful of basil seeds, fill it with the milk mixture.
  • 10.Garnish with pistachios and whipped cream.
  • 11. Serve chilled

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